Rune Bergström welcomed back into the fold 

Nordautomation received a welcome returnee to its team when Rune Bergström started working as a project manager on 16.10.2023. He joined Nordautomation from another wood technology company but is already familiar to Nordautomation’s employees and customers. 

“I joined Nordautomation for the first time already in 2007. At that time, the entire wood processing industry was a completely new world for me. However, I became interested in the job advertisement I saw and got a job through the interview. Then I worked for ten years as a project manager until I left to have a little adventure elsewhere,” he laughs. 

Now Rune is back at Nordautomation, and he seems satisfied with his decision. Occasionally, he’d already been asked when he planned to return. 

“I knew very well where and what kind of work I’d be doing. As a local resident, I also stayed pretty well informed about what was going on in the company. Surprisingly little has changed, which shows that the products are good, and customers are satisfied. The customers are still many of the same companies and, in some cases, the very same people.” 

Familiar faces and practices certainly make the project manager’s job easier, which, according to Rune, is primarily about managing customer contacts and deliveries: “Let’s make sure that what has been sold is delivered.” 

As his return suggests, Rune values Nordautomation both as a workplace and a company. He notes warmly that the working atmosphere is very good.  

“We don’t have unnecessary hierarchies and it’s easy to approach anyone at any time. In addition, from the designers on up, the employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. It’s great to be at a firm where everyone handles their responsibilities so well.”  

Rune believes that expertise and service spirit are also conveyed to customers. After all, they buy overall responsibility from Nordautomation, i.e., high-quality equipment and expert guidance on how to use it.  

“If you need prompt and reliable service, we can provide it,” Rune summarizes.