Parts manufacturing and machining

In our services and products, everything starts and ends with quality. We cut sheet blanks using plasma technology. After that, we cut, weld and machine the pieces with solid expertise. 

Machining workshop equipment

Manual milling machine TOS FGS, 50/63 x 1,800 mm, y 630 mm z 500 mm.

Machining centre Dahlih MCV, 1,800 x 1,800 mm, y 800 mm z 750 mm. Rotary table Parkson, 4 axes, Wincam programming.

Centre lathe ZMM CU800, spindle bore 155 mm, distance between centres 3,000 mm, swing over bed 800 mm.

CNC-lathe Pinacho 310, spindle bore 105 mm, distance between centres 1,500 mm, swing over bed 600 mm.

Centre lathe VDF, spindle bore 105 mm, distance between centres 2,000 mm, swing over bed 1,200 mm. Possibility to rotate large pieces

Automatic band saw Everising H-360A, maximum cutting diameter 360 mm.

Plasma cutting up to 80 mm with 50-degree bevel capability. Cutting area 2.6 m x 13 m.  Flame cutting up to 250 mm. 12 m x 2.5 m.

Mechanical cutting: Aliko 6000. Press brake: Aliko 630 tn / 6 m and 110 tn / 3 m.