Quality policy

Nordautomation oy and its personnel develop and maintain high-quality operations both as a community and individuals. For us, good quality is a matter of honour and a prerequisite for the management of long-term customer relationships.

Principles and key elements of our operations

Our key operating principles include high-quality products, customer satisfaction and maintenance and spare parts services for the entire life cycle of the delivered systems.

All stages of planning and production are carried out with quality in mind. Our personnel consist of quality-oriented people who take personal responsibility to ensure quality and development in their work.

Key elements in Nordautomation’s operations include having self-reliant and responsible personnel who are customer-oriented, willing to be of service, professional and motivated.

Nordautomation Oy takes responsibility for the environment, operating according to the principles of sustainable development with consideration to occupational safety matters, environmental protection, conservation of energy and natural resources and striving to prevent any negative effects of its operations.

Continuous development of operations and products is a joint concern of those working in Nordautomation Oy.

We comply with legislation and the demands and expectations of our stakeholders, providing an example of a company that fulfils its responsibilities.