Saw infeed

Reliable saw infeed ensures that you can utilise the maximum production capacity. Undisturbed flow of logs in the process will increase profitability. In addition to saw infeed equipment, we provide step feeders, log turners and bark handling equipment as well as related electrical and automation equipment.

Saw infeed products

The logs are fed (head-to-head) into the debarking machine and to the saw line at the desired log spacing without interference.

There are efficient solutions for all speed ranges. Typical speed ranges:

70–120 m/min
120–160 m/min
150–250 m/min

The logs are turned around before they enter the debarking machine. There are several different models of turning devices available.

Saw infeed-related conveyor systems

  • log tables
  • feeder decks
  • log hoists
  • aligning rolls
  • step feeders
  • log conveyors
  • acceleration conveyors (various)
  • belt conveyors
  • metal detector-related conveyor tracks
  • scraper conveyors
  • bark and waste conveyors
  • log elevators
  • Log turners; revolver and curve turners, turntables