Sustainability in practice

Nordautomation’s corporate responsibility and ethical principles are reflected daily through concrete actions and our sustainable operating models.

1. Sustainable business practices

We want to be a reliable and long-term partner for our customers and partners. We conduct business honestly and transparently, in accordance with the law and our ethical principles. We don’t tolerate corruption or unfair competition and respect the integrity of others’ property.

  • We are developing our sustainability practices as part of our parent company Addtech’s annual strategy process.
  • Our management team takes sustainability perspectives into account in their business plans and investments.
  • Our business system is ISO 9001 certified, and its annual audit includes environmental issues. In practice, our operations also meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

2. A sustainable workplace

We actively support the health, safety, well-being and personal development of our employees. We respect their fundamental rights and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Our working conditions are fair and meet the requirements of legislation and collective agreements.

  • We have reviewed Nordautomation’s Code of Conduct with our staff, and this is an important part of our onboarding process.
  • Our workplace employs a model of work-life balance and early support.
  • Employees’ health is monitored through regular check-ups and cooperation with the occupational health service. Our amount of sick leave is low by industry standards.
  • We take ergonomic measurements in our work environment.
  • Suitable assistance and safety equipment is used, purchased as necessary and kept in good condition.
  • According to our monitoring, accidents have been mild and few in number. The causes of accidents are investigated to minimize risk factors.
  • Our parent company Addtech’s Whistleblowing service makes it possible to report misconduct and activities that don’t comply with Nordautomation’s values and practices.

3. A sustainable supply chain

We aim to minimize the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our production, operations and supply chain. Our key principles include equipment durability, promotion of the circular economy, material efficiency, and carbon neutrality. We also expect sustainability from our suppliers and partners.


  • We use low-carbon steel in our products wherever possible.
  • We have begun using electric and LPG forklifts.
  • Our components are transported on recyclable wooden pallets or in cardboard boxes.
  • In our equipment design, we aim to replace hydraulic drives with electric.
  • Instead of sandblasting, we use shot blasting, which allows us to reuse the abrasive particles around 10 times.
  • We handle and store paints in accordance with regulatory guidelines.
  • We have updated our welding equipment and other equipment inventory to improve energy efficiency, among other things.
  • Wherever possible, we hold client meetings over video instead of travelling.
  • We are investing in digital information management in place of paper.

Suppliers, delivery and installations

  • All our major subcontractors have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct. When we audit new suppliers, this is a requirement for partnership.
  • All our installation partners are audited.
  • We do on-site recycling, e.g., of demolition materials.
  • Our transport is carried out primarily by audited partners who use electric trucks whenever possible.
  • In transport, we use low-emission vehicles whenever possible and optimize our routes.

Products and services

  • The new equipment we supply is increasingly environmentally sustainable. For example, we favor electric drives over hydraulic.
  • The efficiency of the new equipment allows it to get more results with less use and environmental impact.
  • This new equipment will be safer to use – for example, in terms of noise exposure.
  • We emphasize product durability and lifespan, which is further extended by excellent spare parts and maintenance services.

Energy and emissions

  • We have been actively reducing our use of fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable alternatives.
  • We use carbon-neutral electricity. We generate 1/8 of our electricity with our own solar panels. The investment in our new production hall will enable us to triple our solar electricity production.
  • We’ve improved our energy efficiency, for example, with LED lighting and motion sensors.
  • We’ve made the insulation of our buildings more effective and updated our ventilation systems.

Waste and recycling

  • We collect all waste and scrap steel and deliver it to our partner, Eurajoen Romu Oy, for recycling.
  • We recycle packaging materials and pallets from our procurement.
  • We recycle paint waste appropriately.
  • By upgrading our equipment, we have reduced the amount of waste we generate. For example, new plasma cutters allow our use of metal blanks to be more precisely optimized.