Log sorting

High-quality log sorting improves efficiency by allowing high production speed without sacrificing safety. We provide your process with all the necessary log sorting solutions: log tables, bins, conveyors, elevators, turners and related electrical and automation solutions.

Conveyor systems for long and short logs

Typical log dimensions:

  • diameters from 100 mm to 350 mm, cylinder max. 600 mm
  • lengths from 2,800 mm to 6,100 mm

Sorting in concrete or steel bins. Sorting speed 120–220 m/min.

The number of bins varies depending on the customer’s needs. Nordautomation has delivered the world’s longest sorting line (500 m / 126 bins).

Scraper and waste conveyors.
High level of automation.
Control room, hydraulic and electrical room container solutions.

Different log sorting conveyor models

  • log tables
  • feeder decks
  • step feeder
  • grading conveyor (incl. aligning rolls)
  • log conveyors
  • metal detector conveyor
  • measuring conveyor
  • sorting conveyors
  • sorting bins