Обработка поверхности

В нашем покрасочном цехе в Алаярви, самом большом в Скандинавии, можно обрабатывать компоненты длиной почти 30 м. Детали подготавливают с помощью обдувки стальной крошкой. При необходимости мы можем замерить качество поверхности.

Cleaning and painting

The surface treatment includes cleaning the pieces using steel grit blasting. The dimensions of the blasting room are approx. 6 m x 27 m, and the steel grit is recycled and reused. After the cleaning, the pieces are wet-painted. We have four large, modern painting rooms varying from 6 to 8 metres in width. The maximum length is up to 30 metres.

Air quality is monitored by an automatic system that utilises information technology to transmit the data to our personnel.