The German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz), EOS and ETTF warmly welcomes you to the wonderful city of Hamburg for the 65th International Softwood Conference 2017.

In Germany, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the “Gate to the World” and with 1.8 million inhabitants the second largest city after Berlin.

This year’s conference will take place mainly under good economic conditions. In Germany there has been an unbroken economic recovery for 7 years.

This applies in particular to the construction sector, since there is a backlog especially in residential construction in Germany.

But also in other countries of the internal market and the world, the economic signs are again on the upswing – a very good prerequisite for a successful and optimistic meeting of the ISC 2017.

Nordautomation is following the results and outcomes of ISC 2017. The sawmills Moelven, Ilim Timber, Versowood and others are sponsoring this event.

Nordautomation Team Finland at the Expocorma tradefair in Chile
Nordautomation eliminates bottlenecks