We also develop new solutions and innovations with universities and research institutes. Digitalization, networked production, continuous process measurement, automation and robotization provide means to engineers and developers to design efficient processes.


Pauli Ojala: VISIO 2013-20 in Finnish language (pdf 3,5 Mb)

Awareness of problem leads towards solution

We offer our expertise and experience to the wood processing industry to solve both well defined and unconscious productivity problems.

Creativity is based on analyzed problems that our engineers transform into an opportunities.

New technology offers both challenges and solutions – intriguing paths to continuous improvements are always available.

Nordautomation’s process innovations are triggered by customer needs and leading to new products  and systems. We help to upgrade performance and prolong the life cycle of plants, and to enhance both durability and usability.

Th learning organization Nordautomation is also looking for improvements and innovations at trade fairs and seminars.