Hanna Ojala, Ligna-2015, Hannover Messe

- Nordautomation is collaborating with multinational clients and technology suppliers to ensure high-performance solutions to the wood processing industry, says Hanna Ojala from Corporate Communication.

- LIGNA 2015 / 2017 in Hannover were a success for our company. Nordautomation met with Nordic clients and technology partners at  Wood and Bioenergy 2015 / 2017 in Jyvaskyla, Finland.

At the Ligna 2015 Expo in Hannover,  Germany, networked industrial production had a strong presence in seminar presentations.

Several speakers voiced their thoughts about “the fourth industrial revolution” (Industry 4.0), in which robotics, wood handling machinery,  sensors and automation, Internet of Things, as well as social networks are all integrated into a seamless customer service process.