Productive solutions for the wood processing industry

A high-speed log sorting conveyor provided with 126 log bins and both 3D and X-ray measuring systems generates a high yield and profitability at Keitele sawmill.

In-house engineering and production

Nordautomation designs and produces technical log-handling solutions, where top performance is combined with reliability and durability.

Our in-house engineering and production enhances rapid delivery times. Pre-fabricated process elements also shorten installation and commissioning at the customer’s site.

Efficiency and profitability

Wood processing clients can improve their efficiency and profitability with Nordautomation’s assistance.

Skilled engineers and project managers take responsibility for the success of each project.

Project stages

  • defining the problems / needs and requirements
  • engineering and design process
  • systematic documentation
  • production
  • installation
  • test-drive and training
  • maintenance, remote support and maintenance
  • spare parts and after sales support