Understanding needs and requirements

Nordautomation designs and produces technical solutions for log handling, where top performance is combined with reliability and durability.

Our customers expect us to understand their needs and requirements, and to deliver turn-key solutions. Great design starts from an unique understanding of those needs.

Achieving the best solution takes open interaction between the client and our designers, planners and constructors.

Nordautomation’s engineering team brings its experience, technical knowledge, industry expertise and insights to develop the best solution.

Solution-oriented engineering

  • resulting as an effective product / production process
  • easy to use and operational reliability
  • customer-oriented quality and user support
  • continuous development and long-term partnership

Long term investment support

  • operational reliability and flexibility
  • short delivery times and enables
  • the promised quality and project management skills
  • a solid financial background
  • security and operational morale

Process analysis and support

  • problem assessment
  • operational and user training
  • technical support
  • service contracts
Nordautomation participates in numerous innovative new use of wood development projects.