The Minister of Labour Lauri Ihalainen visited Nordautomation’s production facility in Alajärvi February 16, 2015. (Jarvi-Pohjanmaa article in Finnish language: Lauri Ihalainen (pdf 3,4 Mb).

-The employees of Nordautomation express their professional pride and the mutual respect between workers and management is showing, the Minister of Labor said.

-More companies with such an attitude and performance are needed in Finland.


These white-collar employees at the Alajarvi production facility are confident about the future.

 Shortly after the visit of the Minister of Labor, the production in Alajarvi has further increased its work force.

Managing Director Pauli Ojala explained to the Minister that Nordautomation’s market success is a result of many favorable factors and the achievements of the entire staff

A new investment program has been made to increase the production capacity in Alajärvi.