Best value for wood

  • CEO Ilkka Kylävainio, Keitele Group / Lappi Timber (middle)
  • Managing Director Pauli Ojala, Nordautomation (right)
  • Sales Director Keijo Lamminen, Nordautomation (left)

Value and quality


Even the most efficient process produces only when it works. This simple truth guides all parts of our business.  Our mission is to improve the production efficiency and thereby the customer’s profit. Nordautomation’s success recipe is based on the organisation’s industry experience and a long-term collaboration with other machine suppliers and subcontractors.

Best value for wood

Nordautomation focuses on customized quality. Quality thinking and accountability govern the organization’s actions. The company is self-sufficient regarding planning, construction and production. These resources allow us to react quickly to the customers’ wishes and needs. Operational reliability and productivity are extremely important. We advocate absolute openness and honesty towards our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

The quotations are carefully prepared and transparent so that the negotiations can be conducted based on a mutual understanding of how technology choices and efficiency requirements affect pricing. Nordautomation favours environmentally friendly production and process technology. We apply ISO 9001 as the guiding principle to ensure the quality, functionality and safety of the operations, products and facilities.

The wood must run

Nordautomation helps the mechanical wood processing industry to improve the productivity and profitability of its business. Our final product is an effective and reliable process with continuous after sales support.

We monitor “the weak signals” to adapt our knowledge, design tools, methods and production technologies in order to ensure best available technology for profitable production of sawn goods and wood-based products.