"Best Value for Wood"

  • CEO Ilkka Kylävainio, Keitele Group / Lappi Timber (middle)
  • Managing Director Pauli Ojala, Nordautomation (right)
  • Sales Director Keijo Lamminen, Nordautomation (left)

Value proposition and Quality

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged and a belief from the customer that value will be delivered and experienced. Our task is to improve the efficiency and result of our customers’ business. In this job we apply the principles of standard ISO 9001. Even the most effective wood handling process produces value only when it is operating up to specifications. Our own process design, engineering, automation and production provides the means and resources to meet our customers’ needs just in time.

Best Value for Wood!

The mechanical wood industry is changing and drivers of change are innovations affecting the wood processing industry. It’s our job to  create and deliver the technological improvements for increased productivity and processing flexibility. Recent research indicates that the use of wood will triple before 2050. Nordautomation is participating in the development of sustainable solutions for the forest industry. We do monitor “the weak signals” to adapt our knowledge, design tools, methods and production technologies, and ensuring best available technology for profitable production of sawn goods and wood based products.

The wood must run

Nordautomation helps the mechanical wood processing industry to improve the productivity and profitability of its business. Our final product is an effective and reliable process with continuous after sales support.