Sales Engineer Sari Rantala is responsible for the spare part sales and Sales Engineer Hannu Luhtasaari manages maintenance and operating services.

 Tailor made After-sales and Maintenance Services

Customized maintenance and operating services according to the customers’ needs

Nordautomation helps its customers to eliminate the potential bottlenecks of their production lines. Our service concept offers analyses, condition assessments, service, repairs, modernizations, spare parts, installations, optimizations etc. We provide you with a suitable quote with a fixed price. With our service you receive a report on proposed changes and repairs to be done. Read more here on our website.

Our service concept covers

  • Analysis of the customer’s production process and the functionality of the plant 
  • Condition reporting for the production lines with service and spare parts recommendations
  • Identifying the need for critical spare parts
  • Fast spare parts deliveries and their installation services
  • Repair and modernization projects of the machines (turn key solutions)
  • Program services and tuning

The advantages for the mechanical forest industry with Nordautomation’s service concept are

• Quick analyses and solutions to the problems.
• Eliminate even the most elusive problems.
• Optimizing the driving logics.
• Fast spare parts deliveries and their installation services if necessary.
• Nordautomation’s good product and safety expertise.



Hannu Luhtasaari
Phone +358 (0)20 7616 225
Mobile +358 (0)400 568 680

Sari Rantala
Phone +358 (0)20 7616 267
Mobile +358 (0)400 144 957

Henry Koivusaari
Phone +358 (0)20 7616 768
Mobile +358 (0)400 144 964